We are dedicated to the personal and professional development of our associates and encourage a culture of lifelong learning. Peruse our ever-growing list of learning and development offerings.



Adults and Child CPR/First Aid/AED - This 5-hour session is open for all OVIS associates with advance registration. Successful passing of the class results in certification.
Active Shooter - This class, open to all associates, helps prepare you for active shooter situations not just in the workplace, but also anywhere else. Learn what to look out for, what not to do, and what options you have. (60 min)
Safety 101/OSHA - This is an annually mandated OSHA course that walks associates and leaders through our Injury and Illness Plan, Hazard Communications Plan, Lock Out Plan, Blood-Borne Pathogen Plan and our Emergency Response Plan. (60 min)
TIPS - This 5-hour training allows associates to receive their certification in Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) which is a positive approach to the sometimes difficult challenges we encounter when selling and serving alcohol. About 70% of adults in the U.S. drink alcohol and we want to ensure that provide a safe and enjoyable environment for both guests and associates.
PCI/PII - In this day and age, our guests’ privacy and the protection of their personal information is of utmost priority to us. Any associates who handle credit cards or personal information will take this required course.
Respect - We strive to create an environment that is harassment, discrimination and violence-free but not everyone is familiar with the laws of the state, the actions to take, and the things to do or avoid. This course covers all of these important matters with a focus on embracing a culture of respect and integrity. Learn what constitutes harassment and discrimination, as well as how to prevent negative actions or legal action.


Service 101 - Guests at luxury resorts expect exceptional service. But what makes service exceptional and authentic. This class allows participants to learn the “why” behind everything we do in guest service - how it makes the guest feel, how it affects us, the smallest details that create magic or disaster. Although it’s a class about the basics, the psychology of service will blow your mind and forever change the way you serve.
Know your Stuff - With 220 acres, 14 guest room buildings, 10 food and beverage offerings, and over 90 years of history, it can be daunting for an associate to get to the point where they “know their stuff.” By the end of this class, associates know their stuff - they know the names, locations and room numbers for all of the buildings, what all of the outlets have to offer, and the history of the Inn. (90 minutes)
Polish - Although we hire associates who genuinely care and provide authentic service naturally, any resort serving at a Five Star level needs to ensure that associates are always polished and on point in order to provide a truly luxury experience for guests. This engaging, practical class has participants playing games and engaging in activities that help build the habit of polished verbiage, body language and presentation.
Recover - Service recovery is truly an art, and this class begins an associate’s mastery of that art. The class delves into conflict resolution, genuine empathy, and the steps and processes to take to recover a guest opportunity in an exceptional way with the goal of making the guest a loyal, raving fan. (Two levels - 90 minutes each)
Anticipate - At a Five Star level of service, every guest’s need is anticipated. But associates may not know exactly what clues to look out for and what they are capable of doing for the guest. Through practice, games and activities, associates will improve their ability to thoughtfully anticipate guest needs.
Connect - Guests come to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa to breathe, to relax and to create unforgettable memories. Our associates can help create these experiences by creating emotional connections with our guests. Learn how to find thoughtful connections and show a genuine sense of interest and care.
Remember - Do you wish you could remember guest names faster and longer? Are there numbers or other things that would really help to know? This fun class will introduce you to several memory techniques to help you capture and retain important information. You will also get a chance to practice using the techniques in class.


Train the Trainer - Without the understanding of how people learn, learning modalities, adult learning, and how to build effective and engaging training, leaders and department trainers don’t often set associates up to be successful. This class will help leaders and department trainers understand how to make their training more effective, how to create training plans, performance manuals and new hire checklists, and how to give effective feedback to maintain the quality of performance. (2 days - 12 hours)
Lead - Do you as a leader know how to motivate and engage your associates? Do you know what makes them feel appreciated? Do you know what they tend to do when they feel stressed and how to bring them back? This class will help leaders understand their own leadership style, what options are available, and how to better understand their associates needs and motivations.
Select - Leaders learn how to review resumes, conduct behavioral interviews, and make confident decisions to bring in new associates that are the perfect fit and match for the position and resort culture.
E-Communication Etiquette - In this electronic age, much gets lost in translation and many challenges can be created by ineffective, disrespectful or unpolished electronic communication.


New Hire Orientation - Starting a new job can be scary, but this orientation takes the fear away instantly and sets new associates up for success. New hires for the Inn learn about our resort history, core values, service standards, our brand and culture, and resort offerings as well as safety basics. This immersive experience allows new associates the opportunity to experience various outlets, take a resort tour, and meet leaders. By the end of day one, associates know their stuff and will have practiced our service expectations enough that they could confidently assist a guest. Guest-facing associates continue their orientation process the following day with an even more immersive training day.
Collegiate Internship Program - The Inn hosts interns in the areas of Culinary, Hotel Operations, Food and Beverage, and Human Resources/Accounting. The programs last 10 weeks to 6 months are are very competitive, with applicants from programs across the country. Interns are paid and receive housing within walking distance from the resort. The programs are rotational and the intern will get the opportunity to experience life as an associate in various departments/outlets within the division. The intern will also get many developmental/learning opportunities.
Enrichment Offerings - From beginning salsa to martial arts, cooking and painting, associates get the opportunity to learn something new and have fun while they are doing it.

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