Awaken your senses to alternative spiritual explorations while traveling a path to find your true self.

spiritual counseling with Nancy Furst

70-minute Individual Session | $265
90-minute Couple's Session | $395

Nancy Furst is a spiritual counselor and psychic with over twenty-five years of professional experience. Her background includes training in Native American spirituality, certification in hypnotherapy, crystal healing, grief counseling and hospice care, and an extensive study of Buddhism, the Course in Miracles, metaphysics, and classes with Sonia Choquette.

Nancy uniquely customizes each session to answer questions in your areas of interest, offer inspirational wisdom and guidance for any topic, and inspire healing support to illuminate your way. All sessions include a sage ritual, a meditative guided journey within through Native American drumming and song, and psychic interpretation of your choices of wisdom cards, crystals and stones. To further your experience after the reading, tools, practices or rituals are also recommended.

Sessions may include connecting with your Spirit Guides, past lives, or loved ones who have crossed. Discussions on how to access and cultivate your intuition, deal with sensitivities and psychic abilities, grieve and recover, heal and transform, and connect with the spiritual realms may also be offered.

Couples Readings are similar to the Individual Session, but are designed to provide a sacred space for honoring a particular relationship or for two people to share individual readings together.

Please contact Discover Ojai or Spa Ojai to schedule an advance reservation. Nancy is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and by appointment. Fees vary. A 20% Service Charge will be added to the price of all sessions. Sessions are conducted at the Wellness Studios inside the Pixie Pool area.

Creative Discovery with Joanne Menon

Joanne Menon holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in conscious, health, and healing. She operates her Spiritual Life Coaching practice, writing programs, and workshops locally in Ojai, California. With additional extensive studies of A Course in Miracles and The Artist’s Way, Joanne merges powerful spiritual philosophies and creative techniques to help clients begin a path towards aligning more fully with the Purpose of their Soul and their heart’s deepest desires. She brings her experience as Life Coach to help clients incorporate powerful spiritual and creative perspectives to shift clients from Goal-Line to Soul-Line Orientation to Life.

Individual Sessions – 90 minutes $360

(Up to three additional guests may be added for $35 each)

Join Joanne Menon, Master Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach, for a creative and powerful exploration of your Soul’s Journey. After sharing your personal life path and deepest life questions, Joanne will create a custom program utilizing the tools of Spiritual Psychology, A Course in Miracles, and The Artist’s Way to assist you with attuning more deeply to your Authentic Self. You will leave with updated personal beliefs and a creative and a tangible action plan to help you begin the transition into a new way of being. Your personal tool kit will become a resource you can utilize for many years to come. Whether you are new to spiritual alternatives, or a life-time seeker of personal empowerment, or simply experiencing a creative block, Joanne will help you gently jump start life in a fresh direction.

Please contact Discover Ojai or Spa Ojai to schedule an advance reservation. Joanne is available appointment. A 20% Service Charge will be added to the price of all sessions. Creative Discovery sessions are conducted at The Artist Cottage and are subject to availability.