Freshly-harvested, resort-grown produce and blossoming flowers entice the senses in Spa Ojai’s sought-after seasonal treatments.

Ojai Signature Experiences

Ojai's East west ritual for balanced beauty

100-MINUTES - $375

Our signature facial ritual celebrates the unique spiritual energy of the Ojai Valley while bathing your skin in luxurious Kypris skincare. Representing the East West valley that surrounds us, polarity techniques are incorporated throughout the treatment to harmonize the flow of energy through the body. This deeply renewing journey includes a facial massage using rose quartz crystals, nurturing touch and energy work to create a truly holistic approach to skincare that will leave your skin, mind, and spirit rejuvenated.

Kuyam Experience

Communal sessions - $90 per person
Private Sessions - $120 per person

Kuyam, a Chumash Native American Indian word that means “a place to rest together,” combines the therapeutic effects of self-applied desert clay infused with essential oils, intense dry heat, and inhalation therapy. In a sauna-like environment, the journey is guided by a traditional Chumash narrative. This unique detoxifying experience is concluded with a refreshing rinse and presentation of herbal tea while your body core temperature cools.
Each communal Kuyam session is clothing optional and can accommodate up to eight women or eight men. A Private Kuyam requires a minimum of 2 people per session.

wine & rose body wrap

50-minute session - $190

A decadent and antioxidant-rich blend of FÆTHM’s locally grown red wine grape seeds are massaged into the skin for nourishment and mild exfoliation. While wrapped in warm linens, a focused back massage is performed incorporating an anti-inflammatory cupping technique for deep muscle tension release. The experience concludes with a massaging application of lightly fragrant rose essence oil to the limbs, shoulders, and décolleté.

Shangri-La Body Treatment

100-minute session - $360

The Ojai Valley is California’s Shangri-La; this treatment is designed to help you find your own personal utopia. Cleanse, soften, and nourish your skin with Ojai Valley honey and lavender grown on our property. Enjoy a full-body buffing with indigenous lavender and herb powder and a deep-heat lavender honey body wrap. While cocooned in the wrap, receive a warm scalp treatment and mini-facial. The finishing touch is the application of nourishing shea butter.



Ojai has been a spiritual destination since the time of the Chumash. Immerse yourself in the vortex energy of Ojai through this integrative journey to deeper healing. Using a customized, energetic approach, your practitioner utilizes vibration and sound therapy along with an indigenous plant ritual and subtle energy modalities to facilitate a true Ojai experience for your mind, body, and spirit.

Mindful pedicure

60-minute pedicure $120

Featuring Spa Ritual’s Sound of Color meditation, experience a deeply relaxing and restorative fusion of expert nail care and mindful enrichment. Enjoy the wellness benefits of an audio guided meditation experience while your toes are pampered with exfoliation, hydration, cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing, and beautifully finished with nourishing vegan color.

Customized Spa Packages

Spa Ojai packages are priced per person, and all treatments are to be scheduled and enjoyed on the same day. Service Charges are not prorated to reflect package or discounted pricing. Packages or discounts cannot be combined.

Topa Topa Package

Select any two separate treatments and receive $25 off each service.
(Treatments must be minimum 50-minutes. Salon services and Kuyam are excluded.)

Couples Retreat


Enjoy a Private Kuyam and 50-Minute Massages in our Couples suite.
(Additional fees will apply to upgraded massage services valued over $190 each)

Pampered Pregnancy


Treat the deserving mother-to-be with a 50-Minute Expectant Mother’s Massage, 50-Minute Customized Facial, and Classic Pedicure.

ojai Platinum package


Join us in celebrating Spa Ojai's 20th anniversary with the ultimate day of luxurious pampering. The Platinum Package includes three separate *50-minute treatments, Spa Manicure and Pedicure, and lunch at our Spa Café.
*Select from Massages, Facials, or Body Treatments up to $190 value each.

Body Treatments

Organic Sea Mineral Body Wrap

50-minute session - $190

Nourish skin with a soothing full body application of an organic seaweed mask. The body is cocooned in warm compresses (cool compresses can be incorporated upon request) and a mini-facial is performed to replenish depleted nutrients to the skin. The treatment concludes with a massaging application of sea mineral lotion.

Orange Blossom and Honey Wrap

50-minute session - $190

This treatment begins with a stimulating dry body-brushing and application of a whipped mask made of Ojai Valley honey. While the body is cocooned in warm linens, an infused-oil scalp massage is performed. The treatment concludes with a full body application of rich orange blossom body butter.

Ojai's Shirodhara

100-minute session - $190

Ojai’s Shirodhara begins with a gentle stream of warm herbal infused oil from the forehead through hair to quiet the mind and soothe the senses. The oil is then massaged into the scalp to nourish and condition hair from root to end. The Shirodhara includes massage of the neck, shoulders, hands, and feet. The journey finishes with energetic holds and pressure point face massage.

Ayurvedic Body Treatment

100-minute session - $360

Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic healing, this treatment utilizes a powerful combination of authentic Ayurvedic herbs and oils that help detoxify and strengthen the immune system, soothe muscles and eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety. The treatment begins with a massaging application of exfoliating herbal body mask. Then, while wrapped in heated linens, a warm scalp treatment is performed. Body temperature is raised to increase perspiration and release impurities. The treatment concludes with a mini-facial and offering of herbal tea.

Ocean to Orchard Body Treatment

100-minute session - $360

Pair the healing benefits of mineral-rich organic seaweed with refreshing valley botanicals. Begin with a full body salt exfoliation and rich algae wrap to nourish the skin. While enveloped in warm linens, enjoy a seaweed-gel scalp treatment and hydrating mini-facial. A massaging application of organic lemon and grapefruit body balm completes the experience.

Ojai body polishes

50-minute session - $190

Ojai Body Polishes include a full-body exfoliation to buff away skin impurities and stimulate circulation through the body. A massaging application of hydrating body butter or lotion completes the experience leaving skin hydrated and renewed. Select from:

  • Lemon Verbena & Avocado - Fresh and hydrating, appropriate of all skin types
  • Foaming Lavender Sugar - Fragrant and appropriate of all skin types
  • Rosemary Sage Salt - Purifying and invigorating

Facial Therapies



A powerful blend of nature and science work together to cleanse, hydrate, nourish, and repair the skin. Using highly effective, cosmeceutical-grade products, skin's natural glow and firmness is revealed. Fragrant and highly active fruit enzymes work synergistically with antioxidants for beautifully balanced and vibrant skin. 100-minute upgrade includes advanced attention to skin needs, an additional treatment mask, extended massage including scalp and feet, and oxygen infused eye and lip enhancement.

Purifying Radiance facial

50-minute session $190
100-minute session $360

A natural, organic, local approach to skincare, this deeply cleansing facial uses the healing benefits of mineral-rich sea algae and a customized application of exfoliating and hydrating masks and serums to deliver clarity and a healthy glow to the skin. 100-minute upgrade includes advanced attention to skin needs, an additional treatment mask, extended massage including scalp and feet, and oxygen infused eye and lip enhancement.

organic luxury FACIAL


Perfect for all skin types, this facial introduces Kypris: luxurious, high-performance skin care boasting organic, sustainably grown botanicals for elevated spirit and gorgeous skin. Kypris skincare is wild crafted, created with love and driven by the belief that aging is a privilege and beauty is a unique experience for all.

beautiful Back Facial

50-minute session - $190

A purifying and exfoliating treatment for this commonly neglected area, which includes extractions.

Facial Technologies

Rejuvenate Oxygen Facial

50-minute session - $210

Designed to produce immediate results, advanced oxygen technology delivers highly concentrated serums deep into the skin. Naturally cooling and refreshing, this facial incorporates botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins that restore natural vitality and glow. Skin is thoroughly cleansed without exfoliation or extractions and results are instant and continue to improve in the following days.

Enhanced Oxygen Facial plus Atoxelene

100-minute session - $395

Receive the benefits of immediate results enhanced by elements of touch. First the skin is prepared for an optimal outcome with a cleanse, exfoliation, and focused massage of the neck and shoulders. Then using an advanced delivery system of oxygen and highly-concentrated serums, skin is plumped and nourished to produce a luminous, toned, and radiant appearance. An application of lifting and firming Atoxelene serum targets key areas to dramatically reduce the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

HydraFacial™ Express

25-minute session - $165

HydraFacial™ is an advanced clinical grade hydra-dermabrasion treatment designed to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The multi-step process purifies, hydrates and performs painless extractions, improving skin’s texture and tone.

Essential HydraFacial™

50-minute session - $285

The Essential HydraFacial™ includes the advanced hydra-dermabrasion steps of the Express treatment to cleanse and exfoliate and is enriched with elements of touch, LED light therapy, and the DermaBuilder upgrade to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin elasticity is improved leaving skin plumped and invigorated.

Massage Therapies

*Relaxation Massage

50-minute session - $190
100-minute session - $360

This traditional Swedish-style massage reduces tension using light-to-medium pressure to soothe muscles and create a state of relaxation. Each massage is customized to your preferences and can include the full body or target specific areas of focus.

*Deep Tissue Massage

50-minute session - $190
100-minute session - $360

For those who prefer a firm touch, deep tissue work includes slow, deliberate techniques using elbows, forearms and knuckles to relieve muscle tightness. Each massage is customized to your preferences and can include the full body or target specific areas of focus.

*Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

50-minute session - $205
100-minute session - $385

A soothing full-body massage enhanced with ethically sourced warm Himalayan salt stones. Stone work is focused on the back, arms, and shoulders to calm and balance the central nervous system. With a renewed sense of well-being, your body is gently detoxified and replenished of essential minerals. The Himalayan Salt Stones used in your treatment are a gift for you to take home. The 100-minute massage includes an invigorating full-body brushing and a sprinkling of salt crystals along the spine and the soles of the feet to further the benefits of the experience.

*Expectant Mother’s Massage

50-minute session - $190

An especially relaxing side-line massage to nurture both mother and child. Extra care and attention are given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy.

*Identifies massages that can be performed in our Couples Suite. Please request a couple’s massage with your reservations specialist at the time of booking.

Reflexology Massage

50-minute session - $190

Hands and feet are the focus of this therapeutic pressure point massage. Through pressing and releasing vital energy points, the body’s own natural healing process is stimulated to re-establish energy flow, reduce toxicity, and boost overall vitality.


50-MINUTES $215 | 100-MINUTES $395

Harnessing the healing powers of organic hemp-derived CBD oil, your therapist will focus targeted attention to soothe the aches and pains caused by inflammation of the joints and damaged connective tissue. This innovative treatment helps ease chronic joint and muscle pain caused by arthritis, injury, or stress in the body.

Facilitated Stretch Therapy

50-minute session - $190

Exclusive to Spa Ojai and inspired by Thai massage, our facilitated stretch therapy blends a sequence of guided muscle and joint positioning with elements of muscle contraction and tissue compression. Breath and intention help to deliver relief to muscle and joint pain while increasing flexibility without applying deep pressure. Please wear yoga attire, activewear, or loose-fitting clothing.

In-Room Personal Massage

50-minute session - $255
100-minute session - $395

Experience a Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own guest room at the Inn. 24-hour advance notice is recommended. An additional fee of $25 will be charged for after-hour services beginning between 8 pm and 8 am.

Gentlemen’s Services

Back to Basics Massage

50-minute session - $190

Focused on the back, neck, and shoulders to relieve muscle tension where it is needed most. Heat from warm towels and targeted massage techniques alleviate tightness and restore range of motion.

Gentleman’s Facial

50-minute session - $190
100-minute session - $360

A customized, deeply cleansing facial designed to restore skin from damaging environmental effects. Shaving is not recommended on the day of your service and facial hair is welcome.

Man’s Cure for Hands and Feet

Hands: 40-minutes - $65
Feet" 50-minutes - $90

A traditional grooming to keep hands and feet looking and feeling their best. Includes an invigorating exfoliation of the skin, revitalizing massage, cuticle work and nail trimming, shaping and finishing buff.

Salon Services

Please notify your reservation agent if you are wearing gel polish at the time of your service.

spa Manicure & Pedicure

40-minute Classic Manicure - $65
50-minute Classic Pedicure - $90

Revive and nourish skin with a fragrant lavender sugar exfoliation and hydrating massage to restore healthy circulation. Cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing, and quick-dry lacquer application complete the experience.

Luxury manicure & PEDICURE

60-minuTE MANICURE - $85

Treat yourself to this blissful indulgence for the hands and feet. Enhanced by elements of touch, skin is gently exfoliated and wrapped in a nutrient-rich mask to soften and repair the skin. Extra massage soothes tired limbs and restores vitality and hydration. Cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing, and lacquer application complete the experience.

Mindful pedicure

60-minute Pedicure - $120

Featuring Spa Ritual's Sound of Color meditation, experience a deeply relaxing and restorative fusion of expert nail care and mindful enrichment. Enjoy the wellness benefits of an audio guided meditation experience while your toes are pampered with exfoliation, hydration, cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing, and beautifully finished with nourishing vegan color.

Skin Softening Massage

manicure: 10-minutes - $20
pedicure: 15-minutes - $30

A blissful enhancement to compliment any manicure or pedicure. A nutrient-rich mask is applied to soften and repair the skin while extra massage soothes tired limbs and restores vitality and hydration. (Must be scheduled to immediately follow a manicure or pedicure and cannot be booked alone.)

Polish change plus

Hands: 25-minutes - $45
Feet: 25-minutes - $45

For our guest on the go, we perform light cuticle work, nail shaping, and polish to perfection.
Gel Polish Removal $20 / French Polish Application Add-on $10

Waxing services available upon request.