Awaken your creativity, at the Ojai Valley Inn's haven for self-discovery and expression. Join us as we learn, explore and create artful interpretations of the world we see. Walk-in activities are available for guests of all ages during
Open Studio hours. You may also reserve a featured weekly class with one of our local artists. Private or group sessions are available upon request.

open studio hours

We invite you to visit during Open Studio hours to explore your creative side in the inspiring Artist Cottage. Please stop by during your visit to let your inner artist emerge and allow the meditative properties of art making work their magic!

Sunday 10am-4pm
Monday 10am-4pm
Tuesday/Wednesday: Closed
Thursday 10am-4pm
Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 10am-3pm

The following activities will be available to walk-in guests during Open Studio hours. No reservation needed, activities range from 20-30 minutes, $35-$65, open to guests of all ages.

Mandala Spirit Stone Painting

Select the Ojai River rock that calls to you. Then using an array of tools including acrylic paint, dotting pens, and stencils, create your own design that is meaningful to you. Spirit stones can be used to inspire and empower and are a decorative addition to your home patio or garden.

Simple Strand Jewelry Design

Enjoy the sanctuary of the Artist Cottage to compose your own beaded bracelet or necklace. With a variety of baubles and beads to choose from, you’ll be able to have a meditative moment while stringing together your own wearable memento.

Tile Painting and Glass Inking

Create a keepsake to remember your Ojai Valley Inn escape. The natural beauty of your surroundings will inspire you to create a tile in spirit of the Inn. Or make a memory-inspired glass treasure. Paint a wine glass, champagne flute, or other glass container using an alcohol ink technique. Cheers!

Room Mist Apothecary Blending

An introduction to our Apothecary Creations at the Artist Cottage & Apothecary. Choose from a curated selection of our botanical oils to create a natural environmental fragrance. Your personalized spritz will uplift your spirit and can be used as an aromatic room spray or linen refresher.

Succulent and Terrarium Bar

Admiration for nature and composition come together for this activity. Choose from a variety of regional succulents and air plants, to create an arrangement that will bring new life to any corner of your home.

Pottery Painting

Choose a piece of one-of-a-kind bisque ware, handmade by local Ojai ceramicists of Firestick Pottery, and paint your own creative design onto the surface.

Paper Marbling

Create your own personalized stationery set by using a dynamic foam and liquid watercolor technique to create a marbling effect to letterhead. Embrace your inner abstract artist with this freeing approach to card making.

Weekly Group Classes featuring local artists

Schedule subject to change

To reserve the following classes, please contact the Artist Cottage at 805.640.2049.

Introduction to Macrame with Sally England Studios

Mondays at 2pm | 90 minutes | $125 per person

Join renowned local macramé artist, Sally England, as she instructs you on how to make your own beautiful macramé wall hanging for your home. Enjoy the therapeutic knotting process in an idyllic setting using natural 100% cotton rope. All levels.

Class With a Glass: How to Uncork your Creativity

Fridays at 2pm | 90 minutes | $75 per person

Learn to paint with passion and find your inner artist. Regardless of skill level, learn the step by step methods to create your own masterpiece. Enjoy the wonders of wine, and hear why the artist Jeff Sojka loves to call Ojai his home. Using his favorite local locations as inspiration, you will paint the beauty of this special valley and be able to leave with your own finished canvas creation. Sit back, sip, and celebrate the magic of Ojai and the joy of creativity. Paint, drink, and be merry!

Candle Making

Thursdays & Saturdays at 2pm | 45 minutes | $45 per person
(additional candles can be made for an extra charge)

Capture and take home the inspiring natural fragrances of the Ojai Valley by crafting your own handmade soy wax candle. The class is led by the founder of Good Vibes Candle Co. who creatively teaches the science and technique behind the process. Class is appropriate for all guests over the age of 12.

Journaling with Joanne

Saturdays at 8am | 60 minutes | $65 per person

Join Master Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach, Joanne Menon, as she guides you through the quiet inspirational hours of morning of journaling at the Artist Cottage. With warm cup of coffee or tea in hand, and a cozy personal writing space, Joanne begins with a gentle centering process and an introduction to writing from the Soul Line, and a lesson on tried and true tips for empowered journaling. You will have the remaining time to quietly explore the offerings of your heart and wisdom of your Soul. Journal and pen are provided.

Aroma Custom Blending

Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays at 1pm | 90 minutes | $120 per person

An experience that will awaken your senses, our custom blending class will rely on your unconscious to create your own uniquely personal scent. Enjoy your signature scent as a classic perfume or have our apothecary specialist, Sherrie Dawkins, blend it into a customized product line. Formulas are kept on file for future replication.

Artisan Soap making

Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 10am | 60 minutes | $65 per person

Create a trio of bath bars with professional aromatherapist, Sherrie Dawkins, as she guides you through the step by step process of the art of soap making. Learn the science of essential oils to create a personal, natural fragrance that you’ll be able to enjoy long after you’ve left the inn.

Silk Scarf Painting

Saturdays at 10 am, 90 minutes | $75 per person | 6 person max

Gliding a brush over the silk, you will create a brilliant design on a silk scarf that can be treasured around your neck or used to embellish your favorite hat or bag. Seasoned artist Georgia Deutsch will enlighten you about the nuances of the medium while helping you create your own custom accessory.