Personal Wellness Assessment & Consultation

90-minute single | $165.00 per person
Personal wellness assessments and consultations are tailored to meet the specific needs of each guest and may focus on nutrition, fitness, and/or lifestyle. This program is designed to establish a current baseline status, assist with achievable goal setting and provide you with a launching point for making positive change on your journey to the level of wellness you desire. All sessions are scheduled with a certified nutritionist and/or personal fitness trainer as best suited to your individual needs and interests.

Personalized Private Training Session

50-minute single | $135.00 per person
For individual guests, we offer private training sessions to assist with recommendations for their personalized path to health and wellness. Depending upon preferences and needs, these training sessions can be focused on weight training, cardiopulmonary training, and/or functional movement training. A trainer will work with guests to create a program that fits their environment, schedule, goals and physical abilities. Scheduling a Wellness Assessment & Consultation as an introductory session is strongly recommended.

Private Fitness and Wellness Classes

50-minute for 1-5 people - $135.00
50-minute for 6-15 people - $175.00
50-minute for 16-30 people - $215.00
50-minute for 31-40 people - $255.00

An array of classes can be arranged based on needs and availability. Private Group Fitness and Wellness Classes may be enjoyed in a private secluded setting for an individual, family or group; ages 10 and older.

Please contact Spa Reservations at 888.772.6524 to reserve.