Large Group Golf Instruction Programs

Group Events

For decades, the Ojai Valley Inn Golf Course has attracted prominent players, top tier celebrities and the business elite. It has also become a popular destination for group golf events of all types and sizes. Whether for social gatherings of golf enthusiasts or in-conjunction with business retreats, Ojai has been home to charity extravaganzas, tournaments and competitions, alike. Our golf course offers spectacular views with a challenging terrain. Our Professional Staff provides personalized event services that are custom tailored to your group of any size. Our experts can assist with everything from simple event preparation to arranging custom logo gifts.

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  • Zen Golf Mental Game Seminar (meeting room venue)
  • Putting Clinic (with some individual instruction as time allows - on practice green)
  • Range Clinic For Pre- and Post-Shot Routines (full swing, specialty shots, swing keys at practice range and/or short game area)
  • On-Course Tips (number of holes played by Dr. Parent with golfers depends on size of group: 12-16 golfers, three holes per foursome; 20-28 golfers, two holes per foursome; 32-48 golfers, one hole per foursome; for larger groups, Dr. Parent plays with selected VIP foursomes)

Note: These components can be used in various combinations depending on event requirements and time frame of program. A short program may include a one-hour seminar over breakfast, lunch or cocktails, with putting or range clinic afterward. A two-day program may include all components.