Forbes, September 2020

September 4th, 2020

Traveling For Labor Day Weekend? Here’s What To Expect

Americans may have skipped out their summer vacations, but they are eager to travel this Labor Day Weekend after months of being cooped up at home. A Travelocity survey in May revealed that most families were postponing or planning their first leisurely trip during COVID-19 for Labor Day weekend. Three in four families said they were planning outdoor and adventure activities for the holiday, and roughly half told the travel provider they would opt for water activities like visiting a beach or lake. “Labor Day could be the last chance until the holidays for many families and travelers who may have sat out their regular summer plans to get out of the house together,” says Katie Junod, General Manager at Travelocity. “With safety as the main priority, travelers are taking advantage of the time off to extend their stay and slow down, with activities and destinations that allow them to spend as much time as possible outside.”

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